Friday, April 17, 2009

When we all work together, together, together...

When we all work together, how happy we’ll be!

A Few Lessons Learned this week:

1. First things first…because if you wait, it will not get done and your day will go awry.
2. My army man, farmer, Daddy extraordinaire-husband is a fine shepherd, too, (in more ways than one) and oh, so patient.
3. Good friends are there for you, when you are in the ditch and when you miss the ferry.

4. Milking ewes is more fun than peeling wallpaper.
5. I am allergic to wheat straw.
6. God is good, all the time. (ok, so we knew that one already)

Newest Job Description for pfarmwife: Ovine Lactation Consultant

Well, who else to ask but a veteran? Six and a half years of nursing babies qualifies me for a little wisdom in that area, I suppose. That was time well spent. I mean that humbly, of course, as I have only just learned about nursing lambs.

Newest exciting thing to try: Farmstead Artisan Cheese

I am dreaming of pecorino peppato, romano and feta, but will settle now for a quick and easy, fresh mozzarella. And had I not so greatly needed that nap this afternoon, we’d be eating it for supper. Like I need another hobby, but this is part of my job! ;-)

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