Wednesday, April 14, 2010

When Mommy is on the phone.... never knows what may ensue. Often chaos. But today, it was a rousing service in the front hall. I am not sure who was The Preacher today. But I heard plenty of singing and this is what I found.

The Pews...complete with Hymnals and Psalters....and looks like a stray bulletin on the floor.
The Pulpit.

I believe I heard The Elders offering The Bread and The Cup. Then, I guess, singing a hymn, they went out! Home Sweet Church. You know, play is practice for life. I like this kind of play.

Mr. Peabody

It isn't everyday that one finds such visitors in your backyard. I was sweeping the porch when our Happy Protector (who is two) says "Mommy, a BIG bird!" At first glance, I thought a wild turkey made his way into the pasture. Then a closer perusal provided a sight to behold! That was Saturday. He keeps coming back. I think he likes it here. Though, he did strut himself among the roosters today. They probably don't know what to make of him. We are calling him Mr. Peabody, our fine, feathered friend. How kind of God to give such lovely creatures for us to see...Providentially!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Just a few things have kept us busy...

Boys. Need I say more?

Twins!! and Triplets, too!! (though we did lose one of those)

And growing girls, just to name a few.

So, please forgive us for not being prolific on the blog lately. We simply haven't had the time...Providentially!

Sixteen Cows

When our oldest son was the age of our youngest son now, he was known to be heard quoting his then-favorite book. "Cowboy Gene was long and lean..." He could recite the entire book. We read it nearly everyday. Now, I am hard pressed to keep his nose out of nearly any book everyday. At least his recitation has taken on greater meaning. But one has to wonder whether his earlier narrations were not somewhat we look across the back forty and see..."no less than sixteen cows.''