Saturday, October 24, 2009

The tea isn't all that is sweet around here...

The Happy Protector and "his" Isabelle

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Celebrating October...Gracefully

October brings celebrations at Providence Farm. There is a new forty-year-old on Old Forty, who loves spending time in "the back forty." On Samuel's new reading list will aptly be "Now We Are Six." Yesterday brought a new calf. Phone call to Papa S. on this, his "29th," (minus three decades). And Mama is one step behind Daddy, pushing forty as the platinum pushes aside the blonde, much to her daughter's chagrin...though Mama says she is growing old gracefully. Gracefully. May it be so. May each day be so full of His Grace that the growing old part isn't even noticed. We are one day closer to eternity. That is reason enough to celebrate...Providentially!

Where did September go?

It disappeared while I was looking... Now we are all awhirl with family birthdays, newborn calves, shorn wool, beloved visitors, fellowship and life in general. As we excited ourselves over autumn's arrival, it swiftly began slipping away. But we are still learning. Sleep is a gift. Fellowship is worth the commute. The projects in the barn and on the sewing desk will not go away...they are faithful to remain. And He who began a good work in us is also faithful to complete it....Providentially!