Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Soul adorn yourself with gladness...

So begins a hymn our family enjoys and today those words are so appropriate. No matter the trial, our Heavenly Father has us safely in His hands and nothing escapes His view. In that, we have peace. Yesterday was a very trying and sad day for our family. That little lamb you see below...Gideon, the mighty ram of valor, gave up his fight for life. We named him Gideon because it was clear the odds were stacked against him. We still do not know exactly what happened to cause this, but we rest knowing that the Good Shepherd is guiding us and teaching us through it all. We did everything we could to love and nurture him to a long, healthy life. It is a hard thing for a little person to watch suffering and death...even of a lamb. But we are once again reminded of Another Lamb...who suffered, bled and died on our behalf. And for this, we are eternally grateful.

"...leave the gloomy haunts of sadness,
come into the daylight's splendor,
there with joy your praises render.
Bless the One whose grace unbounded
this amazing banquet founded;
he, though heav'nly, high, and holy,
deigns to dwell with you most lowly."

His grace unbounded was sufficient for me through the day yesterday...and I learned another needle skill (injection...trembling hands to a trembling body)! And so it is with joy we render our praises to the Lamb of God...worthy to receive glory. Bless His holy name!

Gideon, Mighty Ram of Valor
Providence Farm
April 15-20, 2009

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  1. Sorry about the lamb. Unfortunately any time you have livestock, you occasionally lose one. Some just seem to be born too weak.