Thursday, April 23, 2009

Population explosion at Providence Farm

Ok, we are sufficiently distracted from gloom today. It is sunny and warm, though with a breeze. It is a beautiful day! Bustling with life! We have 55 new additions to Providence Farm this week (so far). Sunday, we welcomed Buttercream, a Jersey heifer. Have you ever heard someone say "cows are like potato chips"? Betchya can't have just one. Well, we have had a Jersey on our wishlist for some time. We are so enjoying having this friendly, little lady (well, she isn't little). She was so happy to be here, she ran around the pasture with joy. We, hopefully Providentially, call her Buttercream with thoughts of the fruit of her womb and udder. Buttercream is just about ready to be introduced to Ferdinand, who will welcome her joyfully to the happy herd.

Today, we received 54 newly hatched chicks. Jersey Giants, Black and Blue (Providentially, not from their journey!) as well as Delawares.........fuzzy, yellow and cute. They chirped and tweeted so much, it drove the postal clerks crazy. But, it was music to the children's ears!

Who knows what will be next? God does! We still have a couple of ewes that could bring us more lambs and a heifer expecting a calf. We still have Buff Orpington chicks due later in the summer. And we have a baby due this summer, too! God is so good, to bring such life to Providence Farm.


  1. I have to laugh every time I think of the mailman delivering a box of LIVE chicks! And a new cow, too! Love the name (you aren't going to name all 54 chicks, too, are you??)

  2. Sound's like you're going to be busy. Hope you have a market to sell eggs.

  3. Providentially, we DO have a market! Starting next weekend, at St. Stephen's Episcopal Church on Grove Ave. in Richmond. We are very excited! So good to hear from you!!


  4. It is too hard to name that many chicks...and they look so much alike! They get nicknames like Dumplin', Pot Pie, Parmesan...You get the picture? We look forward to their yummy eggs, and ultimately to the supper they may be. We don't name affectionately what we know we will eat!