Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What Mama has been up to lately

....may surprise those who really know me. I have been learning to navigate my way around on the John Deere. Mainly, how to take half a ton of hay to those incessantly grazing critters who don't have enough grass to keep their four stomachs happy. Those cud-chewing, ornery things get downright unruly when you come into the pasture bearing gifts. I'll be quite pleased when the grass is really growing again and they can get back to their routine of lowing peacefully in the meadows.

I have also been known of late to actually venture outside on poultry harvesting day. I managed to take a photo or two without fainting. I even, believe it or not, have added to my resume...Quality Control. Rinsing the featherless, gutless creatures and tucking their legs so as to fit ever so neatly into the bags, before finding their intermediate resting place in the Arctic region of the barn. I wonder how many folks really know what a chicken looks like before it is mechanically separated into the gobbledygook being breaded and masqueraded as food and sold as a bill of goods in the supermarket or fast food joint-du-jour. And that after a so-called life, never having seen the light of day or grass, or been nurtured by a human being. Hmmm...

Farm living may not be easy. In fact, it can be quite difficult. It is, however, faith building. One can learn a great deal observing the Providence of God around here. Theology, biology, physics, mathematics...the list goes on. Some things we have learned, and continue to learn repeatedly....gratitude, grace, humility, charity. Often, the students can be the teachers and vice versa. But, it is all good....Providentially.