Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Farm Math

Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division...percentage, fractions, decimals, etc. These are but a few topics covered in one subject as school resumes at Providence Farm today.

239+235=one angus steer

128+128=one dexter/angus bull calf

139+140=one dexter/angus heifer calf
12+16+14=what Mama prefers to let others eat.
calf+mama cow's milk+fresh grass & room to roam=Rose Veal

Put them all together and what do you get? A few more coolers, definitely. A new freezer, maybe. Expanded autumn menu, assuredly. A line of customers waiting...Providentially.


  1. Okay, we need to be in that school room! Even papa B couldn't figure these out, except for the rose veal! Seems we may need some tutoring in readin, writin, & rithmitic! ha ha

  2. Ha ha!! Those are the weights of each half of the beeves. The 12+16+14 are the weights of the organ meats. Kirk has to pick up the meat from the butcher soon. I think maybe that ought to be his next occupation...abbatoir.