Thursday, August 6, 2009

Breakfast, Boys & Bible

The three Bs...

Brotherly affection. Note that one is pulling toes while the other is kissing them. And Jonathan climbed up there all on his own.

Don't you suppose that all great leaders started out this way? Learning theology at the breakfast table in Daddy's lap (or on his shoulders).

Samuel the prophet, Joshua son of Nun, or Jonathan Edwards?

Yep...they were boys once, too. And may mine not only live up to their names. May they serve Him with even greater fervor.


  1. Those are cool pictures & ones for the scrapbook so they can show their children one day! And would that be Jonathon Edwards, the politician or Jonathon Edwards, the theologian ? Just kidding, of course!

  2. How about both? We need Godly leadership! Thank you for the recipe!


  3. Great pictures. How's mom and the new baby sister doing?

  4. Hey Stacey, I've been trying to remember the exact ages of the other 6 children! Seems I've slept a few nights since being in Va & with Ben's birthday being lately, I was trying to figure out how old he was! The years do come & go, rather rapidly, these days & it's hard to believe how quickly these kids grow up! I'll write their ages down next to their birth dates! thanks! Love nana B