Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Good, better, best...

Sometimes the cheapest isn't the best...actually, often it is not. Going the extra mile in the days of high fuel costs, well...it costs. But, we'd rather go the extra mile when necessary to achieve the best quality or provide the best service. That is why we drive an hour to get feeds that are certified organic and soy-free, because it isn't available locally. And also why we are willing to go out of our way (or stop along our way) to bring our customers what we work so hard to provide...Providentially. Good stewardship isn't just finding the lowest price...it includes finding the best quality we can afford. Sometimes we have to make sacrifices to do what we do...to bring quality food from our farm to your table and ours. It is hard work, but it is worth the effort. Organic, Naturally. Good, Providentially!

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  1. Kirk,

    Your phone number isn't on my DTT card. Give us a call at home: 757-238-2999 if we can come visit tomorrow (the 31st). Sorry for the short notice. My cell is 858-472-6880.
    Glen Morris