Saturday, June 27, 2009

Of course there had to be a story...

It seems that anytime Daddy is away, there has to be a story to tell. Even the best laid plans (ours, anyway...God's always work out) have glitches. Today was going to be a blueberry-picking-morning, Sabbath-preparation-afternoon and gardening-evening kind of day. Well, it didn't exactly work out that way (so far, anyway). We had a major thunder-boomer storm last night. You know, the kind that has a loud CRACK that bounces you out of bed. Well, thankfully, I DID bounce out of bed when I heard a crack...or it could have been a contraction and a full bladder, but anyway, I got up at 1:15 am. "It's a comin'...she's gonna blow," one of our favorite children's book quotes. I had the presence of mind, or prompting of the Spirit, to unplug the computer and my sewing machine...and I am so glad I did! I could hear the children talking upstairs about the lightning...told them to get back to bed...welcomed a tired, frightened, but very cuddly little fella into bed with me and went back to sleep. After all, sleep is a precious commodity at my stage of pregnancy (only less than four weeks to go!)....and "for so He gives His beloved sleep." When the phone didn't ring to get me up at the expected hour, I thought maybe I had slept through it. As it turned out, lightning (maybe that big crack that got us all roused) zapped our telephone. Poor Daddy had been trying in vain to reach us because the phone was completely kaput! Praise God for wireless internet...but that was not without its own difficulty, too. Might know we had just ordered new cellular service, because what we had was not available where we live (only where we wander!). I was wishin' for that phone this morning....but THAT sent me into a hullaballoo that is fit for fiction. So, breakfast was a bit late for Mama this morning. After all, beginning the day without your other half is, well, only half as good (if even). I needed to get the lines of communication open. And I am reminded in the midst of this, that there is one line that is always open and it works both ways. I praise God for His tender mercies, for hearing our prayers and answering them...Providentially.


  1. Reminds me of an old song we sang as a child called "telephone to glory" Of course, we both sort of remember the tune but the lyrics are vague by now--may have to look them up! When all else fails, that's the number to call!! We're still in the northwest & will head home on Friday. Wish I could take the nice temps with me! Have a great day & greet the little lovelies! Love nana B

  2. Actually the name of the song is "Royal Telephone" Hadn't thought of it in yrs so had to look it up! Thanks to modern technology, I was able to find it! At least, when it's all working, it can bring the forgotten past into the now! Sure is nice not to have to wait on a technician or the weather to clear before getting a lifeline though! Blessings & stamina on what's sure to be a busy day!!

  3. Never heard of that one. The one I'm familiar with is called "Jesus on the main line." (Which does not mean what some of the folk musicians in the sixties claimed --- I think they knew better, they just wanted to say something shocking.)

    In any event, will keep praying for you & talking to Jesus on the main line.

  4. "tell him what you want..." I can remember singing that as a little girl. I am so glad you all keep in touch with us like this!

    Less than three weeks 'til Isabelle's arrival!