Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Hive of Busy Bees

"It's been a quiet week in Lake Woebegone..." Mr. Keillor was not referring to Providence Farm. Things have been buzzing along quite steadily for the last few weeks. It has been more like a hive of busy bees. We enjoyed our first two weeks of The Market at St. Stephen's...selling out of nearly everything, and rather early! We took off two weeks while Daddy was traveling, just so we could catch up. Deo volente (that is, "Lord willin' and the creek don't rise..."), we will be back to that busy routine this week. If the cows would stay out of the garden, we might have some produce to take! The damage was not extensive, but those bovine can surely wreak havoc in short order. I suspect that rustling cattle is not what the midwife has in mind for approved exercise at this stage of a pregnancy (less than two months to go)...nor did I before breakfast! Nonetheless, it must be done. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. How is it that cows know when my husband is at work and pull their shennanigans then? I am very thankful that we are called to exercise dominion over the beasts of the field. Those onery critters don't know what's coming. Right now, I am thinking Veal Parmigiana. They might be bigger than I, (thankfully they are...though I feel like I resemble the broad side of the barn), but one day they will be supper....Providentially.


  1. And, oh-by-the-way, I wanted to add that it was not our darling Buttercream wreaking havoc in the garden. Sweet cow, she knows her place. Nope, Angus cattle are instigators! It is no wonder they make such good BEEF! They are enough to drive a farmer to, well, the metzgerei.

  2. I bet you can't wait until Ben is a little older! When are your instigators due for a visit with the metzgerei? Soon, I hope!

  3. This is why I learned abouot electric fences when I was a little boy about 5/6 years old. This is why my dad had electric fences. Electric Fences are good:>)

    Hope you and all the family are doing well. Praying for the new little one.

    By the way, don't forget they also make very good steak & prime rib.

  4. Yes Sir! By this time next month, they will be tasty steaks!

  5. Hope you are doing better today and the cows are in place! Do take it easy at this stage of your pregnancy!

    I just read your post on Sew Beautiful's message board. Amen! You said it so well. May our sewing honor the Lord in many ways.

    I enjoyed visiting your blog. I grew up on a farm in Michigan, but now live in Minnesota as the wife of an engineer who would love to be a farmer! :) My five kids would love to come visit you & your farm! :) Wow!

    The pictures of your sheep/lambs bought back precious memories of my childhood.

    I hope you get some time to put your feet up and maybe do a little sewing. :) It's for the baby.

    Mrs. Bike Bubba (or Connie)