Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Welcome to Providence Farm

It is a beautiful day at Providence Farm. Though the nip in the air denies spring, the sun decries it. The woodstove glows and warms the heart of our 19th century home. The trees are beginning to bud. The cattle are lowing, the babies awake...and joyfully so. So begins a new day at Providence Farm.


  1. I'm so glad you're here! Since Providence Farm is one of my favorite places to visit, I look forward to seeing what's going on there during the week! ((hugs))

  2. Thank you for the invitation. I'll enjoy sharing your life, as it unfolds here, and as we meet to share fellowship. Love, Jamey

  3. Someone can write! However busy you get as a pioneer, don't neglect this gift.

    I am very thankful for your pioneer family, who has so Providentially entered into the service of the Tidewater area and other communities.

    respectfully and envious, Paul Hubbard